Hornby is a large suburb situated in the south west of Christchurch. Hope Presbyterian has been situated in Hornby under the name (Hornby Presbyterian ) since 1908, and there has always been focus on caring the people of this suburb. For years Hope Presbyterian Church has been journeying alongside young people in Hornby and started Hope Youth Trust in 2008. Hornby is a family orientated community that has 5 primary schools and 1 high school.

Hope Youth employs youth workers to work with the young people of Hornby. These are Vinnie, Caitlin, Andy and Vicky. Their focus is young people aged 11 to 18 and they are passionate about journeying alongside them.

Hope Youth has 32 youth volunteers who journey alongside the young people of Hornby. Over two programmes, the volunteers connect with year 7 -13s every week. The vision of our volunteers is to build trust with young people and walk alongside them.

24-7 Hornby High School

24/7 Youth work is a partnership between a church and a school within a community. In our context Hope Presbyterian is in this relationship with Hornby High School. The overall goal is to collaborate with the school to build relationships with and support young people in our community.

The five areas a youth worker is involved in under 24-7 are:

Building Positive Relationships / Empowering Students / Leadership Development / Cultivating School Spirit / Integrating with out-of-school activities

Hornby High School first had 24-7 youth workers in 2003. Twelve years on, we now have four youth workers working a total of 50 hours across year 7 to 13s. Our goal is to make an impact in the life of the school and serve where the needs are. Some things we are actively involved in are:

Prefect training and development, junior and school councils, lunchtime interactions, managing and coaching sports teams, mentoring, connecting with young people in the classrooms, running school events, support the class camps and trips ….to name a few.

Emerge Youth Community

Emerge is a youth group for high school aged young people which runs every Tuesday from 7pm to 8:30pm at Hope Hornby.

The programme alternates between big group, small group and event nights and focuses on building a safe environment for young people where they feel a sense of belonging. Emerge with its 24 volunteers, provides a great community where young people are mentored by older role models who are genuinely interested in doing life with them..

Local Community Work

The Hornby Youth Hangout is a great place for young people to come after school and chill out with our youth workers. We have air hockey, foosball, vision racers, pool, basketball, PS4, Wii and heaps of other games along with food. The Hangout is open twice a week after school - Tuesday for high school students and Wednesday for year 7/8s.   3:15 to 5:00pm

Each fortnight Sunday during the summer we play social touch with anyone who's keen. Sunday Sport has been running for six years and is played at the Branston school field starting from 1:30pm. To want to be text reminded of when it's on, then text Mitch 021411800 and you'll be added to text list.

It's important to Hope Youth that young people are being empowered. We achieve this by sending young people on leadership camps, encouraging youth to run events, getting youth involved in programs, building them up as junior volunteer leaders and actively serving in the community. There are a number of ways in which we can empower young people and it's essential that we recognise the opportunities for them to grow.