“Join the Village” is encouraging individuals to give a set amount each week towards the work that we do with young people because they believe that there little can make a big difference to young people!

We are passionate about Connecting, Journeying and Empowering young people to be the greatest they can be, and although we have many volunteers, we realise we can’t do this by ourselves.

You may have heard it said that “it takes a Village to raise a child” – believe me, it’s true!…. In the Village, there are different roles to raising a child.

There are the ‘Nurturing’, the ‘Coaching’ and the ‘Directing’ roles….and other stakeholders in the village have the ‘Providing’ skills.

Our youth workers and volunteers do a fantastic job building up our young people of the south west of Christchurch which we believe is the picture of Nurturing, Coaching and Directing our young people.

A lot of the time, money is the greatest barrier from the impact we have with our young people. This is the strength of the ‘Providers’ in the village. Running a Non-for-Profit organisation, I am always aware of the juggling required between doing amazing youth work and finding funds to support the impact we do. It is no easy task.

We realise that a small contribution can have a major impact – and thats why we know how precious each contribution means to the work we do.

Join with us in helping young people to become contributors rather than consumers in society. Join with us in becoming a Village member in raising this child – the Strength of Provision is a Key Role in the village!!!

We need your support – Join the Village with us!