West Melton is a fast growing suburb of Christchurch in the Selwyn District. There is a large group of children and highschool students within the West Melton area. A number of sub divisions being developed have increased the population and it has a brand new supermarket and shopping centre.

The West Melton community has significantly grown post-earthquake as Christchurch creeps towards it. There has always been families living in West Melton and in 2008, Hope Youth started employing youth workers in 2009 and today we have Mitch Shaw and Jess Marshall employed to connect, journey and empower the children and youth of West Melton. They are involved in working alongside children and teenagers in the area.

West Melton has been fortunate enough to have a volunteer leadership team of 8 every Friday night to connect and build trust with the young people. A youth leader's role is to build a positive relationship with a child or young person, and they continue to journey alongside that child or young person acting as a positive stakeholder in their lives. There is a lot of research showing the need for a number of stakeholders in a child life as they continue to develop in positive adults. We believe that this is a critical role in serving the children and youth of our community.

Ramp Youth Community

Ramp is a Intermediate/High school youth programme that meets weekly normally at the West Melton Community Hall during school terms starting at 7pm and finishing at 8.45pm. The programme usually involves a a faith conversation, youtube videos, fun, games and always food. We also have 1 off events such as ten pin bowling, swimming, Hanmer trip and other amazing activities including Easter Camp, youth camp and intermediate Hanmer camp

Ramp is open to Year 7 – 13 young people the heart of ramp is to create a place for young people to come and be part of a community and have quality fun on a Friday night. Our youth leaders are passionate about connecting with young people, journeying alongside them and empowering them to be the awesome people they were created to be.

If you like to know more about what we do, contact Mitch, follow us on Facebook or download our term plan.

Community youth work happens through a variety of different ways. These include one on one mentoring, connecting and supporting the local West Melton primary school and also through 24/7 youth work in Darfield High School. We are passionate about developing the young people of our community, so we encourage counselling, leadership development, personal development and other areas that a young person wants to grow in.