Rolleston is a vibrant growing community to the southwest of Christchurch. Located in Selwyn District it is full of young families with a growing school population. Hope Presbyterian and Hope Youth provides a wide range of facilities and services for these families and we strive to maintain a positive impact in the hearts of the Rolleston people.

There are four youth workers working in Rolleston, Sarah and Mana in Rolleston School working with the year 7 & 8's. As well as Sam and Mana in Rolleston College working with year 9-11's. As well as connecting with 13-18-year-olds too who live in the area.

Hope Youth in Rolleston has 15 volunteers that serve the young people of this community. These volunteers range in age from 15 to 50 years and they seek to serve the young people through church life, youth programmes and community interaction.

24-7 Rolleston School

24/7 is a partnership between the church and community schools within New Zealand. In our context Hope Presbyterian Rolleston is in this relationship with Rolleston School. The overall goal is to collaborate with the school to build relationship and support young people in our community. We have been providing youth work in the school since 2009.

The five areas a youth worker is actively involved in are:

Building Positive Relationship / Empowering Student / Leadership Development / Cultivating School Spirit / Integrating with out of school activities

Rolleston School

Rolleston School 24/7 desires to be an active part in the life of the school, endeavouring to build lasting relationships with the staff and students and providing assistance where needed.

The first 24-7 youth workers for Rolleston Primary School started in 2009; Jono and Lani. The positive foundation they set, has paved the way for Mana Harema and Sarah Croucher (2020 current Youth Workers) to continue today.

Hope High Youth Community

Hope High is a Friday night youth programme designed to create a special and fun-loving community for high school aged young people to journey and share life together. We meet at the Rolleston Community Centre and focus on building relationships, identity and community.

Our nights includes activities such as discussion nights, sharing food, bonfires, master chef cooking nights, paintball, beach trips, sports and cafe discussion nights.

Hope Hype Youth

Hope Hype is a high energetic, structured and fun programme for the intermediate youth of the Rolleston community with Christian morals being at the forefront of this programme. Flame happens on Friday nights fortnightly during term time.

Flame activities have included wheel nights, big games nights, fear factor challenge nights, winter olympics, discussion nights, sharing food, dessert nights, combined Unite events ( big night out / rave night / pool party ), hours of madness etc.

Local Community Work

The Hope Youth workers of Rolleston are keenly active in the community and seek out opportunities to connect with young people. Some of the events and activities we are involved are, the annual Rolleston fireworks, Skate Jam events, local council run activities,  youth market event, Selwyn District pool party,  combined Christmas events, holiday programmes and casual BBQs. The main focus of Hope Youth staff and volunteers at these events is to build connections with young people and to show that we are committed and dedicated to the community we are a part of.

We encourage our staff and volunteers to build connections with young people in the community. We desire to be a presence in young people's lives and available when they need us. This flows into establishing relationships that are fuelled by trust and generosity, with the desire to build HOPE in lives of the young people we walk beside daily. It is through these connections that pathways are built to the programmes we run.