24-7 Youth Work in Schools

24-7 Youth Work is a relationship between a church and a school in a local community. Hope Youth has six youth workers working in two schools. The youth workers are involved with running lunchtime events, helping in classes, attending school camps, coaching sports teams, mentoring young people and much more.

The schools we work in are:

Hornby High School / Rolleston School/ Darfield High / Rolleston College

Youth Community Programmes

Hope Youth runs six youth programmes each week across four communities. We are connecting with approximately 286 young people per week ranging from 11 to 25 years old. We see our youth programmes as a great opportunity to connect with young people and build belonging within each community context. It’s a privilege to journey alongside young people and we see the huge potential Hope Youth has to empower young people to be the best they can be.

Click on the communities to see the programmes we run:

Hornby / Rolleston / West Melton


Camps and Events

About Camps and Events

Over the year we run a lot of camps and events for young people and these are great opportunities for our youth workers to connect with our young people.

Easter Camp

Easter Camp is run each year by Canterbury Youth Services at Spencer Park. Attracting 4500 young people and volunteers, it's an awesome opportunity to learn about the real meaning of Easter, get to know Hope Youth volunteers and have loads of fun. Hope Youth normally takes approx 150 people to the camp, and our volunteers find it's a great opportunity to connect with their small groups and form new friendships.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp is our annual end-of-year celebration. It's the final event of the year for Hope Youth and we like to finish with a bang! The camp is low key and relaxed and is focused on celebrating the highs of the year and connecting one last time before we hit the long summer break.

Unite Events ( Yr 7 - 8 )

These normally happen three times a year and it's where Hope Youth combines all its intermediate-age youth to collaborate at an awesome event. Some examples of Unite events in the past have been ice skating, big day out and swimming.

Amped Camp ( Yr 7 - 8 )

Amped Camp is a weekend for intermediates across Christchurch that happens annually. This camp allows our young people  the opportunity to socialise, form an understanding of what the Christian faith is and for volunteers to build positive connections with the young people. Hope Youth attends this camp every year and the young people we take have an absolutely fantastic time. We have also found this camp serves as a great opportunity for leadership development of our junior leaders.

Unite Camp

Unite camp is an opportunity for all the intermediate-age young people of the four Hope Youth communities to get together at an annual camp.

Local Community Youthwork

We are passionate about making a real impact in the life of our community. We encourage young people to get involved by participating in our programmes, serving in the community, and learning skills that will be helpful in life. We also connect with young people outside of school through our youth programmes. Click on the community you'd like to learn more about:

Hornby / Rolleston / West Melton


Campfire ( Young Adults Community )

Campfire is a young adults community that empowers one another and journeys together. A camp fire draws people toward it, and it's normally where great conversations take place and honesty is evident. This is why we choose this imagery to illustrate what our community is about. Campfire young adults age from 17 to 25 meet each fortnight to learn about different topics in small groups and share food in the wider group . Each term we run a special event and have heaps of fun as a positive community.

One of the fortnights each month is a Big Group potluck dinner. Meeting at the Hornby Youthb@se, we share food together so that all small groups are able to get to know each other. The dinner starts at 6:30 pm and after this we break off into small groups. To see where the next Campfire is, click and like our Facebook group to be updated.

The opposite fortnightly Wednesdays to the potluck dinners, the small groups meet in volunteers'  houses. Starting times vary and the groups are run by individuals from Hope Presbyterian who are passionate about supporting young adults and journeying alongside them as they develop after leaving high school.

We have a Boys-only group / Girls-only group / Mixed group from Hornby / Mixed group from Rolleston

To learn more about Campfire and join a small group, get in contact with Mitch: 021411800 / mitch.shaw@hopechurch.net.nz