Emerge Youth Community

Year 7 - 13 Youth Group

Emerge is a youth community for Year 7 - 13 young people which runs every Tuesday from 7pm to 8:30pm at Hope Hornby.

The programme includes big group, small group and event nights and focuses on building a safe environment for young people where they feel a sense of belonging. Emerge with its 24 volunteers, provides a great community where young people are mentored by older role models who are genuinely interested in doing life with them..

Hornby High

24-7 Youth Work

24/7 is a partnership between the church and community schools within New Zealand. In our context Hope Hornby is in this relationship with Hornby High School. The overall goal is to collaborate with the school to build relationship and support young people in our community. We have been providing youth work in the school since 2003.

The five areas a youth worker is actively involved in are:

Building Positive Relationship / Empowering Student / Leadership Development / Cultivating School Spirit / Integrating with out of school activities


Sunday 9am and 10.45am

Aspire happens during the Sunday morning services at Hope Hornby. Come and sit with us in the auditorium, maybe play some Sermon Bingo, and listen to the sermon. There's almost always chocolate. Sometimes the Year 7-10s will go out to the Youth Base part way through the service.